Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Friday: The Evolution of the Internet Infographic

Over the past decade, the internet has undergone some serious transformations.  It is important to stay connected with the changes in order to stay relevant and on top of your game as a student and future professional!  Click here to check out this fun infographic from

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Essential Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

There are many elements of a job interview, and it is up to you to prepare accordingly.  The first impression is crucial; however, one way to leave a lasting impression is to close out an interview with a few solid questions for the employer.  Check out these questions from to finish strong at your next interview and leave you at the top of the company’s list of candidates.

1.     “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t hire me?”
This question may seem too straightforward, but that’s what makes it a solid ending point for your interview.  Inquiring about exactly why you might not have the job in the bag shows strong communication skills and determination on your part.  The interviewer will have the chance to voice any uncertainties he might have, and in return, you will have the chance to address them.  This gives you the opportunity to dispel, or clarify, any doubts of the interviewer that might get in your way.  You will not regret asking this question!

2.     “As an employee, how could I exceed your expectations?”
This question shows confidence and determination to do well if and when you are offered the job.  Not only will this question leave a lasting impression with you taking the lead, but you will also become aware of exactly what the employer is looking for upon hire.

3.     “How could I help your company meet its goals?”
This question shows initiative and diligence.  You are showing the interviewer that you are ready to work for them and help the company to achieve its goals.  Asking this question will also provide you with more insight into your responsibilities as an employee for the company, while also allowing you to expand upon what you can bring to the table if they choose to hire you.

4.     “What excites you about coming to work?”
This question shows a personable aspect of your character.  You are shining light on the interviewer, giving them a chance to talk about themselves and helping you to establish some common ground.  Additionally, every workspace encompasses a different culture among their employees.  It will be beneficial to you to hear about a typical day at the office and determine if you see yourself fitting in there.

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